• Surface DTH Drill Rig | Hydraulic Rock Drill Machine

Surface DTH Drill Rig | Hydraulic Rock Drill Machine

Dimensions: 7900*2260*3100mm
Vehicle mass: 8000kg
Wheelbase: 3150mm
Wheelbase: Front 1400 After 1060mm
Drilling depth: 13mm
Drilling diameter: 600-1600mm

Product Details


Overview of Surface DTH Drill Rig

the most advanced Surface DTH Drill Rig and water well drilling rig, we are the best choice for geothermal drilling equipment and DTH Drill Rigs. With more than 20 years of experience in designing and building

Our drilling rigs are specially designed for customers: the combination of low maintenance, high reliability, and advanced high-pressure hydraulic system means that our Hydraulic Rock Drill Machines are unparalleled in today’s market.

We are proud to say that one of our priorities is reliability. The normal life of the drilling rig is 35/40 years, the maintenance is simple and appropriate, and there are few spare parts.

Our customers will make a lifetime investment. Due to the high performance of the drilling rig, this investment will be paid off quickly. The daily drilling work is fast and without problems.

drill hole machine manufacture
drill hole machine manufacture

Main performance of Surface DTH Drill Rig

1.3 types of power packs, Yuchai YC4A100 diesel engine or 45Kw / 55Kw electric motor.

2. Maximum rotation unit torque up to 5500N.m as an option for foundation bolting and anchoring, casing, and large hole spiral drilling.

3. National standard engineering machinery tramming track, plunger piston motor, and gear reducer system for more reliable tramming and better durability, tramming speed up to 3 km/h.

4. High-performance wet air filter together with two-stage dry air filter for a three-stage air filtering system to protect diesel engine better.

building site drilling machine

Technical Parameters

  1. Dimensions: (mm) 7900*2260*3100
  2. Vehicle mass: (kg) 8000
  3. Wheelbase: (mm) 3150
  4. Wheelbase: (mm) Front 1400 After 1060
  5. Drilling depth: (m) 13
  6. Drilling diameter: (mm) 600-1600
  7. Rotation angle: 180 degree
  8. Walking speed: (km/h) 50
  9. Hydraulic system working pressure: (map) 20-25
  10. Hydraulic system displacement: (ml/r) 80
  11. engine model: 4108
  12. name: Hydraulic Rock Drill Machine
  13. Engine power: (kW) 88

Surface DTH Drill Rig tools

down the hole drilling tools
down the hole drilling tools
Surface DTH Drill Rig
Surface DTH Drill Rig

down the hole drill rig factory video

Q & A

Q: Are you a down-the-hole drilling machine factory?

A: yes, we are a factory, Our prices are very competitive

Q: What is the packaging of your drilling machine

A: Our machine is packed in wooden cases

Q: Can I choose the color I like?

A: Of course, the appearance color of our machine can be customized, It’s usually yellow