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air compressor diesel for sale | air compressor manufacturer

Suction temperature: ≤ 40 ℃

Exhaust temperature: ≤ 105 ℃

Speed: 2980r/min

Shaft power: ≤ 80kw

Brand: changheng

Power: diesel engine

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air compressor diesel Overview

An air compressor diesel also called an air compressor, is a machine used to compress air. The structure of the air compressor is similar to that of the water pump. Most air compressors are reciprocating plug type, rotating blade, or screw type. It is widely used in water conservancies, highways, railways, shipbuilding, urban construction, and other industries.

air compressor diesel

air compressor diesel somewhat

The original compressor design of screw-type air compressor diesel saves unnecessary maintenance costs.

All parts and components are designed with long service life. Large-sized inlet filters, oil filters, and fine separators ensure the best-compressed air quality.

All oil filters and separator components within 22 kW (30 hp) are of the centrifugal type, which further reduces the maintenance time.

The maintenance work can be completed in a few minutes, and the downtime and maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

On the premise of reducing costs, the combination of precision instruments and operation is bound to be inseparable. Almost all screw compressors are equipped with intelligent systems, and the menu is simple and easy to use.

air compressor manufacturer
air compressor manufacturer

technical parameter

  1. Type: air compressor diesel
  2. Nominal volume flow (under suction): 13 m3/min
  3. Exhaust pressure: 0.8-1.5mpa
  4. Suction temperature: ≤ 40 ℃
  5. Exhaust temperature: ≤ 105 ℃
  6. Speed: 2980r/min
  7. Shaft power: ≤ 80kw
  8. Brand: changheng
  9. Power: diesel engine
  10. Lubrication mode: automatic
  11. Lubricating oil temperature: 70 ℃ – 90 ℃
  12. Lubricating oil consumption: ≤ 40mg/m3
  13. Specific power: 7.0kw/m3 /min
  14. Cooling mode: air cooling
  15. Transmission mode: elastic coupling direct connection
  16. Adjustment mode: automatic adjustment
  17. Opening pressure of safety valve (gauge pressure): 1.05Mpa
mobile air compressors
mobile air compressors

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Q & A

Q: What is the packaging of your air compressor diesel

A: Our machine is packed in wooden cases

Q: What is your delivery time

A: Our delivery time is 50 days, and the delivery time for some small air compressors is 45 days

Q: Can I choose the color I like?

A: Of course, the appearance color of our machine can be customized, It’s usually yellow

Q: Are you an air compressor manufacturer factory?

A: yes, we are a factory, Our prices are very competitive