• down the hole drill rig and building site drilling machine

down the hole drill rig and building site drilling machine

name: building site drilling machine

Exhaust pressure: 0.8-2.0MPa

Traveling speed: 2.5-3km / h

Propulsion stroke: 320cm

Weight: 5.2T

Product Details


Overview of down the hole drill rig

The crawler down the hole drill rig has been comprehensively optimized, with a compact structure and beautiful appearance
This submersible drilling rig has stable performance, convenient shifting operation, energy saving, high efficiency, safety, environmental protection, and convenient maintenance,
The building site drilling machine is mainly used for drilling, drilling, and blasting in quarrying, mining, road construction, water conservancy, and electric power construction sites, national defense projects, and other open-air projects

drill hole machine manufacture
drill hole machine manufacture

Main performance characteristics

  1. The rotary gear is driven by dual hydraulic motors, which are compact in structure, convenient in maintenance, and high in torque
  2. The sliding block is made of high polymer wear-resistant material with strong wear-resistance, easy maintenance, and stable operation
  3. 120L diesel tank can ensure continuous working for 8 hours and reduce auxiliary working time
  4. The traveling acceleration switching valve can realize two kinds of traveling speeds, displacement and transition of the building site drilling machine
  5. The large diameter leveling cylinder improves the structural strength of the whole machine, and the car body floats stably and reliably
  6. The same four-wheel fixed track of the engineering excavator is used, with reliable performance and a low failure rate
  7. Plunger type traveling motor is adopted, with strong climbing ability and stable drilling
  8. The operating tower can effectively improve the safety of the operator during the displacement time of the drilling rig
  9. The layout of multi-channel valves is reasonable, maintenance and overhaul, and pressure regulation is convenient and fast
  10. The LCD can accurately monitor the operation status of the third-order diesel engine
  11. Automatic switching of operation mode under conditions, with self-diagnosis and alarm functions
  12. Yuchai engine is powerful, stable, and reliable for down the hole drill rig
building site drilling machine

Technical Parameters

Climbing capacity300
Air displacement10-24m3/min
Propulsion stroke320cm
Traveling speed2.5-3km/h
Impactor3 inch
4 inch
5 inch
Drill tubeOD76 / OD89*3000mm
Exhaust pressure0.8-2.0MPa
Overall size5.8*2.2*2.35m
Lifting force25kN
Rotating speed0-130rpm
engine power58kW
Land drill
down the hole well drilling

down the hole drill rig tools

down the hole drilling tools
down the hole drilling tools

down the hole drill rig factory video

Q & A

Q: Are you a down-the-hole drilling machine factory?

A: yes, we are a factory, Our prices are very competitive.

Q: What is the packaging of your down-the-hole drilling machine

A: Our down-the-hole drilling machine is packed in wooden cases.

Q: Can I choose the color I like?

A: Of course, the appearance color of our machine can be customized, It’s usually yellow.