How to deal with water leakage and boiling of automobile radiator

How to check the leakage of water tank equipment is as follows:

1. There is a problem with the quality of the automobile radiator

2. Screw off the engine oil cover to see if there are oil emulsion marks, If so, disassemble the engine and replace the cylinder gasket.

3. Try to fill air into the water tank to see where the water seeps from when it is under pressure, and then decide on the repair plan.

4. Check whether the water tank cover has been fastened.

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How to deal with automobile radiator leakage:

1. If there is a slight leakage of individual heat pipes without a leak stop agent. loose tobacco can be temporarily put into the water tank,

and the cut tobacco can be blocked at the water leakage place of the heat pipe by using the water circulation pressure for temporary use.

2. If the rubber pipe joint leaks water, the rubber pipe joint clip can be wrapped twice in the rubber pipe joint with a screwdriver. and then it is tightened with pliers.

If the rubber tube is damaged, the rupture can be wrapped up with adhesive tape for temporary use.

3. If the water tank pipe breaks and leaks due to vehicle vibration or vehicle accidents during driving, measures can be taken according to the specific situation. automobile radiator

when the leakage does not exceed a 1 mm crack or 2 mm hole, add a bottle of water tank strong plugging agent to the water tank to start the car running.

4. 5-10 minutes after opening the cooling water to start the large-scale circulation, no matter the water tank,

rubber pipe, and cushion in the cooling system, the leakage will stop.

and there is no need to discharge after stopping the leakage, which will not affect the heat dissipation and block.

5. If the water leakage of the radiator pipe of the water tank is serious, the leaking heat pipe can be cut off from the water leakage place,

and the cotton ball coated with soap is used to block the cut cooling pipe, and then the head of the cut heat pipe is clamped with pliers. and then the curling edge is pressed to stop the water leakage.

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Emergency treatment of water tank boiling:

When the car is driving, white water vapor suddenly comes out from the engine cover.  or the pointer of the water temperature gauge rises rapidly to the high temperature “H” mark position,

which indicates that the engine temperature is too high. Usually, due to the water tank water shortage, water leakage, or the water tank fan does not run and other reasons.

1. Find a safe place to stop immediately, but never turn off the engine immediately. Keep the engine idling to continue cooling, and open the hood to improve the cooling speed.


in the case of too high water temperature or even boiling: do not try to continue driving. so as to avoid serious mechanical damage; do not try to open the water tank cover,

otherwise, it is likely to cause scalding due to boiling liquid.  do not pour cold water into the engine cylinder block and cylinder head, which is likely to cause the cylinder block to burst due to sudden cooling.

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2. After a period of time, check whether there is water leakage under the automobile radiator

3. Wait until the pointer of the water temperature gauge drops to the proper temperature position, and turn off the engine.

4. Wrap the water tank cover with a wet towel, and slowly open the first switch (about 1 / 4 turn). After the steam pressure is released,

fully open the water tank cover,  and check the water volume and water quality in the water tank.  and whether the fan belt is abnormal. If the water is insufficient, water should be added slowly to the highest mark.

5. If the water tank is leaking or the fan belt is loose or broken. 

you can call the traction company and wait for the trailer rescue.

If necessary, you can also wait for the engine.

to cool down completely and drive the car to the service shop for maintenance at a low speed. Remember

do not drive at normal speed, otherwise, permanent damage to the engine is likely to occur.