Matters needing attention in the use of aut radiator and heavy truck radiator

Car radiator, heavy truck radiator for our car or truck is a very important device, it can make the engine in the right temperature, so that our car from high temperature damage.

Therefore, in the process of use, we should also remember to regularly check and maintain the radiator, do its maintenance work well, and ensure the sensitivity of its components. So today we will learn about the car radiator, heavy truck radiator in the use process should pay attention to which points.

1: Should not contact with any acid, alkali or other corrosive objects, car radiator, heavy truck radiator.

2: The use of the claimed post-treatment needs avoids obstruction of car radiators, heavy truck radiators and the formation of softening within the scale using soft and hard water.

3: When using antifreeze, pay attention to avoid corrosion of automobile radiator and heavy truck radiator. Please use antifreeze produced by regular automobile radiator manufacturer and long-term protection in line with national standards.

4: In the process of automobile radiator and heavy truck radiator device, the tape radiator fin and bump radiator are not damaged to ensure sealing and heat.

5: When the radiator is completely re irrigated and drained, the first drain switch is opened on the engine block. When water flows out, it is then turned off so that blisters can be avoided.

6: You should always check the water level in daily use and add water to cool it. When adding water, open the box cover slowly, and the operator should keep away from the body filling port as far as possible, so as to prevent the damage of the high-pressure steam refueling discharge nozzle.

7: Clean the surface of the water tank. If the dust and other impurities accumulate too much, it will seriously affect the cooling function of the water tank. Therefore, it is necessary to organize the cleaning of the dirt on the surface of the water tank in time.

8: To make up the water tank, the owner should check whether the water tank is filled in and fill in the time the day before the bus. Another bucket of water can also be registered in the trunk if necessary.

9: Pay attention to the investigation of water temperature when traveling. Car owners and friends should pay attention to the water temperature when they travel far away or for a long time. In the process of promoting the investigation, if the water temperature is too high, they should park the car and take a rest in a safe place.

10: When the air conditioner is turned off in traffic jams at night, the car owners can turn off the air conditioner and wait for the water temperature to drop to prevent the car from “boiling”.

The above is the car radiator, heavy truck radiator in the use process should pay attention to some content