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  • leak testing equipment for aluminum radiator

leak testing equipment for aluminum radiator

Catalog: Testing machine

Test medium: Compressed air

machine name: leak testing equipment

Pressure range: 0.05-0.6mPa (optional)

Test time: 1-999 seconds

Testing tool: Customized cylinder

Product Details

Product Description

This leak testing equipment is used for testing automotive aluminum radiators, which has many advantages such as accurate pressure testing data, highly automated testing process, etc. The pressure gauge is converted to digital display and can be replaced with different ones

With the continuous development of industry, this leakage testing equipment has undergone many upgrades to meet market demand,

This leak testing device can be connected to a printer, automatically printing labels to record test data for each tested product. It can continuously store 100000 sets of data, and WiFi can be connected to a computer to remotely download this data

leak testing equipment Technical Parameters

Test pressure0.1-0.8 mPa
External dimensions220*120*190cm
Machine colordefault silver gray
Test workstation2 pcs
MediumCompressed air
Leakage alarmYes
Test objectradiator, heater
Touch screen7 inches
Display modenumbers and curves
leak testing equipment
leak test equipment

Features of leak testing equipment

  • The appearance of this machine adopts spray paint and baking technology, and it looks very beautiful like a car. The surface of the workbench is wrapped in a 2mm stainless steel 304 plate
  • The core components of this leakage testing equipment come from Germany and have been validated for a long time, ensuring safe and reliable testing accuracy
  • This machine has already been installed with a physical pressure gauge and is equipped with a digital display function for pressure values,
  • Only a household power supply is needed to run this machine, and the voltage is only 24V, which is very energy-saving
  • It will not produce noise throughout the entire production process and will not affect the environment
  • This leak testing device is equipped with specialized tools, which can easily adapt to various radiator tests by simply replacing the rubber sealing gasket
radiator testing machine

Product quick details

  • Test medium: Compressed air
  • machine name: leak testing equipment
  • Test tube: 1 piece
  • Pressure range: 0.05-0.6mPa (optional)
  • Test time: 1-999 seconds
  • Testing tool: Customized cylinder
  • Leakage detection range: 0.1-30L/min,
  • Test accuracy: ±1%
  • Test workstation: 1-6 workstations optional
  • Test temperature: Room temperature
  • Test products: engines, radiators, heat exchangers, heaters, automotive pipelines, etc
  • Air source: 0.2-0.8 MPa.

leak testing equipment video

Q & A

Q: Can this machine test the body sealing performance of car engines?

A: Yes, this machine can be tested, but specialized tools need to be manufactured to secure and seal the engine body.

Q: Do you have inventory of this testing equipment?

A: This leak testing equipment needs to be customized, and the fastest delivery time is 25 days

Q: How to connect this device to compressed air?

A: Our machine is equipped with an oil-water separation device. You only need to connect the pipes here, which is very easy.