• high-quality diesel air compressor for sale

high-quality diesel air compressor for sale

Exhaust pressure: 0.8mpa

Speed: 2980r/min

Power: diesel engine

Lubrication mode: automatic

Cooling mode: air cooling

Pressure of safety valve: 1.05Mpa

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Overview of diesel air compressor

The diesel air compressor for sale is widely utilized in the transportation, mining, water conservation, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy, and defense sectors.

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advantage of air compressor diesel

The original compressor design of the screw air compressor saves unnecessary maintenance costs.

All parts and components are designed with long service life. Large-sized inlet filters, oil filters, and fine separators ensure the best-compressed air quality.

All oil filter and separator components are the centrifugal type to shorten maintenance time

The maintenance of the machine can be completed in 3-5 minutes, and the downtime and maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

On the premise of reducing costs, the combination of precision instruments and operation is bound to be inseparable,

Our screw compressor is equipped with an intelligent control system, and the menu is simple and easy to use.

Engineering air compressor
Engineering air compressor

Why choose us

1. Very competitive prices, from Chinese top manufacturers, without agency manufacturing profit

2. Reliable quality, manufacturing air compressor diesel we have 19 years of experience in this field

3. After-sales service without worries, we will provide additional filters for machine maintenance, which will be enough for you to use for 5 years

4. An intelligent control system, which knows the operation when starting up, does not require workers to take care of the air compressor

5. Professional shipping services only require your company to have import authority and pay import tax. Other work is done by us We also provide door-to-door transportation services

Infrastructure air compressor
Infrastructure air compressor

Q & A

Q: What is your air compressor packaging

A: Our machine is packed in wooden cases

Q: diesel air compressor for sale What model is it

A: We are an air compressor factory. We sell all kinds of air compressors

Q: Are you an air compressor factory?

A: yes, we are a factory, Our prices are very competitive

Q: Can I choose the color I like?

A: Of course, the appearance color of our machine can be customized, It’s usually yellow