• wavy fin machine mold of Industry heat exchanger

wavy fin machine mold of Industry heat exchanger

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Place of production: china

Processing customization: Yes

Name: wavy fin mold

Process: CNC, slow wire

Delivery time: 45 days

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Wavy fin machine mold is used in cooling system parts, copper, aluminum, iron, and other materials
Mold features: small size, fast stamping speed, high positioning accuracy, low price;
Mold requirements: customized according to customer requirements;

This fin mold can create a variety of high-precision fins with thicknesses of 0.05-0.5mm, including windowed fins, wavy fins, serrated fins, straight fins, concave fins, offset fin machines, etc. It can also produce aluminum foil, copper foil, stainless steel foil, titanium alloy foil, iron foil, and other raw materials.

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Our mold has 8 customized high-strength springs for the spring-back of the stripper plate, The fin mold with a width of 300mm has 6 guide pillars, and the fin mold with a width of 450mm has 8 guide pillars
For flat and straight fins, our mold uses three molding tools, making the fins produced by this mold look better, Wave type fin Our mold is a set of two molding tools, a sawtooth type, and a shutter type molding tool

wavy fin machine Mold material

  1. big mold plate = EN C45,
  2. The small mold plate = Cr12MoV,
  3. The punching needle = SKH51,
  4. Louver parts = SKH51,
  5. Spring = 50CrVA,
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