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Vacuum furnace contour

The vacuum furnace is a device used for high-temperature heat treatment, mainly by placing objects in a vacuum environment and increasing the temperature inside the furnace to achieve the desired heat treatment effect.

Vacuum furnaces have many special characteristics, such as temperature uniformity, chemical inertness, and purity, which have been widely used in many fields.

1、 Working principle of vacuum furnace

The basic principle of a vacuum furnace is to eliminate heat transfer between the surface of an object and the outside world by placing it in a vacuum environment. The gas in the furnace is extracted, thereby achieving the effect of high-temperature treatment.

There are various heating methods for vacuum furnaces, including resistance heating, molybdenum heating, etc. During the heating process, the temperature inside the furnace of the vacuum furnace can reach over 2000 ℃.

Outer wallcarbon steel
Cooling water1 set
furnace Doors1 set
Magnesium collector1 set
Max Temperature650-2000℃
vacuum brazing
vacuum brazing oven

2、 Application fields of vacuum furnaces

2.1 Metal material processing

Vacuum furnaces can be used for heat treatment of metal materials such as steel, alloy, tungsten, molybdenum, copper, aluminum, etc., including annealing, quenching, tempering, heat treatment, etc.

These treatments can improve the organizational structure of the material, and increase its hardness, strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance, thereby improving its usability.

2.2 Preparation of Semiconductor Materials

Vacuum furnaces also play an important role in the preparation of semiconductor materials. For example, impurities and gases in semiconductor materials can be eliminated through vacuum heat treatment,

thereby improving the electrical properties and stability of semiconductor materials.

2.3 Preparation of optical materials

Vacuum furnaces can also be used to prepare optical materials, such as high-purity quartz glass,

which is of great significance for the manufacture of high-precision Optical instruments.

2.4 Preparation of chemical materials

Vacuum furnaces are also applied in the field of chemical material preparation, such as preparing high-purity inorganic and organic materials.

hardening furnace

3、 Future development of vacuum furnaces

3.1 High-temperature vacuum furnace

High-temperature and high-pressure vacuum furnaces are a new type of heat treatment equipment that can heat treat materials under the triple conditions of high temperature, high pressure, and vacuum.

This equipment can be used to prepare special materials with high strength, high hardness, and high corrosion resistance, and has broad application prospects.

3.2 Low-temperature vacuum furnace

A low-temperature vacuum furnace is a new type of heat treatment equipment that can heat treat materials at low temperatures.

This equipment can be used to prepare special materials with high strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance, which is of great significance for the preparation of certain special materials.

3.3 Intelligent vacuum furnace

Intelligent vacuum furnaces are a new type of heat treatment equipment that has functions such as automatic control, remote monitoring, data collection, and fault diagnosis.

This type of equipment can achieve automated production, improve production efficiency and quality, and have broad application prospects.

In short, vacuum furnaces are important heat treatment equipment with broad application fields and future development prospects.

Q & A

Q: Can this vacuum furnace weld aluminum materials?

A: We can manufacture vacuum furnaces for welding aluminum materials.

Q: What language is its touch screen?

A: Our machine has a touch screen of 10 inches, which is available in both English and Chinese languages.

Q: What is the after-sales policy for this machine?

A: Our after-sales policy is to guarantee the machine for one year on the premise that it is not artificially damaged.

Q: What technical support do you provide?

A: We provide all technical support, machine installation, and technical training for free.