• vacuum bag packing machine factory

vacuum bag packing machine factory

Catalog: Packing machine

Filling range: 3-300g

Packing speed: 50-60 bags/min

Machine weight: 1.8T

Dimensions: 4500*2400*3000mm(L*W*H)

power: 5Kw

Power Supply: 380V 50-60HZ

Product Details


vacuum bag packing machine Usage

We are from China of vacuum bag packing machine factory, Our packaging machine is professional and customized. It is suitable for packaging any product, such as cereals, powder chemicals, metal parts, liquid raw materials, granular products, etc

The packaging machine is driven by a PLC control system, servo motor, and cylinder, and the whole process is fully automatic

According to your product characteristics, we customize this machine for high-speed production to save production costs and improve production efficiency


bag packing machine features

1. Wide application range, fast packaging speed, stable performance, and yield High, high vacuum;

2. The waterproof system is more convenient to clean and the color touches the control panel.

3. The equipment is high-end, atmospheric, scientific, and technological, and is easy to manage. Enhance corporate image;

4. Innovatively solve various vacuums of pickles and pickles under reasonable cost Packaging problem

5. Maintain the original flavor of the material, adjust the package size with one key, high precision Packing weight, and easy to disassemble and clean.

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vacuum bag packing machine factory

Our machine advantages

bag packing machine

technical data

Equipment materialSS 304
Measurement methodScrew type weighing
Measurement accuracy±1g(≤100g)
bag size W:70-160mm
Filling range3-300g
Packing speed50-60 bags/min
Machine weight1.8T
Power Supply380V 50-60HZ

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Q & A

Q: What packaging is your machine?

A: Our machines are packed in wooden cases.

Q: How many bags per minute does your machine produce?

A: The fastest speed of our machine is 50-60 bags per minute.

Q: How to get the catalog of your packaging machine?

A: Please click the contact page to let our engineers know your email address, and we will send the machine catalog.

Q: How many days is the delivery time of your machine?

A: Our machines are in stock. If they are customized, our delivery time is 50-65 working days.