• liquid packaging machine From Chinese suppliers

liquid packaging machine From Chinese suppliers

Catalog: Packing machine

Measuring range: 10-1500g

Packing speed: 25-65 bags/min

weight: 1.7T

Overall size: 4*2.2*3m (L*W*H)

power: 5.5KW

Power Supply: 380V/50Hz

Product Details

Liquid packaging machine Usage

The automatic liquid packaging machine is Mainly used in juice, ketchup, sauce, chili sauce, hand soap, and detergent Automatic metering and packaging of liquid and sauce materials.

A PLC control system, a servo motor, and a cylinder power the liquid packing machine making the entire operation totally automated.

We modify this machine for manufacturing based on the features of your product to reduce production costs and increase production effectiveness.

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liquid packaging machine features

1. The automatic Liquid packaging machine adopts advanced PLC plus POD (touch screen) operation In the whole process, the whole process is realized by automatic control and is easy to operate.

2. the packaging machine controls the meter to release the material action, no waste of material; empty bag sealing prevention device, Control the empty bag without sealing, without wasting the bag.

3. Adjust the bag width by motor control, press and hold the control button to adjust the width of each group of machine clamps. Convenient and save time.

4. Safety device: When the working air pressure is not normal or the heating pipe is faulty, the alarm prompts.

5. a wide range of packaging, by choosing different gauges, can be applied to liquids, particles, and Packaging of materials such as sauces, powders, irregular cakes, etc.

6. with a liquid stirring device to prevent precipitation of micro-particle materials, with the liquid level control device.

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automatic liquid packaging machine technical data

machine nameliquid packing machine
Equipment materialSS 304
Bag typecustom made
Measurement accuracy±1%(≥100g)
bag size W:100-210mm
Measuring range10-1500g
Packing speed25-60 bags/min
machine weight1.7T
Overall size4*2.2*3m
power5 KW
Power Supply380V 50Hz / 60Hz
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Application scope

  • beverage
  • Chemical detergent
  • edible oil
  • Industrial liquids
  • cosmetic
  • Pharmaceutical industry

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Q & A

Q: What packaging is your milk packing machine?

A: Our machines it is packed in wooden cases.

Q: How long will it take for your machine to arrive?

A: Our machines are in stock. If they are customized, Our turnaround time for bespoke orders is 50–65 working days.

Q: How to get the catalog of your Liquid packing machine?

A: To get the machine catalog, please click the contact page and provide our engineers with your email address.

Q: How many bags does your machine create per minute?

A: Our machine can produce 25–60 bags per minute at its maximum pace.