industrial oven temperature recorder for sell

This industrial oven temperature recorder is a temperature recording instrument specifically designed for industrial high-temperature furnaces.

It is widely used in spray coating production lines, steelmaking, ceramic kilns, aluminum brazing furnaces, and other fields, providing more accurate and reliable temperature data for industrial production, and providing reliable guarantees for high-quality production

High-temperature recorder

main features

The main feature of the industrial oven temperature recorder is its powerful data acquisition and recording function.

It can collect the temperature inside the furnace in real-time through multiple channels and transmit the collected temperature data to the computer through WiFi. Users can analyze and monitor the collected data through a computer.

In addition, the oven temperature recorder also has characteristics such as high accuracy, high reliability, and high stability, which can ensure the accuracy and reliability of data collection and recording.

This industrial oven temperature recorder is equipped with a built-in 950mAh lithium battery, which can be used for 6-8 times temperature collection during a single charge. You don’t need to worry about power shortages or power outages of the instrument

Another important feature of the furnace temperature recorder is its customizable number of acquisition channels. According to user needs, 4-12 collection channels can be customized. This design can meet the needs of all users

Parts Listquantity
Insulated box1 PCS
Temperature Recorder1 PCS
instructions1 PCS
glove1 PCS
USB drive1 PCS
Software1 PCS
packing box1 PCS
WiFi receiver1 PCS
collecting wires.4-12PCS
oven temperature data recorders
Furnace Temperature Recording

summary of industrial oven temperature recorder

The oven temperature recorder is a powerful, user-friendly, and highly reliable intelligent instrument.

It plays an important role in temperature control and recording of industrial high-temperature furnaces, providing more accurate and reliable data protection for industrial production.

At the same time, its extensive application fields also provide more convenience for industrial production.

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