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This is a vertical tube expander machine used for the production of household air conditioning condensers and industrial heat exchangers, We have been working in this field for 16 years, dedicated to providing customers with satisfactory pipe expander machine

A tube expander machine is an equipment used for expanding copper and aluminum pipes. Its main function is to expand the tube through internal screws and metal balls, and when the tube expands, it will tightly fit the cooling fin, thereby achieving the purpose of fixing the fin

tube expander machine Application scope

The application range of tube expander machines is very wide, which can be used to expand various heat exchangers, condensers, radiators, and other products,
It is usually used in the manufacturing of automotive parts, aerospace components, medical devices, construction, and other fields

tube expander machine
Power supply: 380V/50Hz
Total power7.5KW
Air pressure0.5~0.6Mpa
Hydraulic Pressure4-6Mpa
Pipe size9.52mm
Machine height3m
Technical Parameter
Condenser fis
tube expander

Our Advantages

1, Price advantage: We have our own production line and equipment, so we can provide customers with lower prices. Compared to other suppliers, we can offer more favorable prices.

2, Fast delivery: We have a strong inventory and transportation network, so we can provide customers with fast delivery. Customers can receive the tube expander machine they ordered in a short period of time.

3, Can customize any type: Our tube expander equipment can be customized according to customer needs. No matter what type of pipe expander machine customers need, we can provide corresponding solutions.

Q & A

Q: What are the working dimensions of this machine?

A: The working dimensions of this machine are customized, and we manufacture this machine based on the dimensions of your heat exchanger.

Q: What is the power supply of this machine?

A: Usually, our tube expander machine power supply is customized based on the customer’s factory power supply

Q: Does this expander have a hole expanding function?

A: Yes, this machine has expansion and hole expansion that can be completed in one go