• Tank Clinching Machine for car and truck radiators

Tank Clinching Machine for car and truck radiators

machine name: Tank Clinching Machine

Radiator height: 1000mm

Radiator width: 850 mm

Radiator width: 120mm

Total power: 2.5kW

Voltage level: ac-220 V; 50 Hz

Product Details

Equipment usage

The Tank Clinching Machine is mainly used for the assembly of aluminum radiators for truck engines. The radiator core, sealing gasket, and plastic tank are combined to form a closed container for the radiator core curling machine, allowing the radiator to form a closed loop for storing coolant without leakage

Tank Clinching Machine

Tank Clinching Machine Main Features

This device uses a well-known brand of touch screen and PLC system to control the device. It may allow workers to set unique programs for each heat sink model, and this machine can store 999 data parameters

This machine only requires a simple setup work program, which can be applied to various aluminum radiator workpieces without additional mold costs

This device uses a well-known brand of the servo motor to drive the ball screw, making it step along a linear guide rail. This equipment is divided into long-edge buckle presses and short-edge buckle presses.

When the buckle is pressed, it can avoid and move forward according to the shape of the water chamber of the workpiece.

Tank Clinching Machine
Machine Local details

Technical parameters

max size1000*8500mm
max thickness150-280mm
Production speed80/h
Machine weight1.8T
power supplyAC-220V/50Hz
Voltage level2.5kw
Equipment size190*185*210cm

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