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  • Extrusion fin tube machine of Heat exchanger

Extrusion fin tube machine of Heat exchanger

Extrusion fin tube machine: 1.95T

Overall dimension: 2050*760*1430mm

motor power: 11kw & 7 kw

Power Supply: 380v / 50Hz / 60Hz

Product Details

Extrusion fin tube machine Features

The Extrusion fin tube machine has 3 shafts to rotate the extrusion roller to produce two metal tubes, This machine can produce various types of heat exchangers

This fin tube machine is driven by an 11kw electric motor, three rollers, an Automatic circulation and filtering cooling liquid system, and a control system

We can customize the working size of this machine according to the customer’s fin tube design,
Our latest generation of machines has changed the structure design and arrangement of the universal joint.

The machine is very quiet when producing fin tubes. The coolant will not overflow. It can produce fin tubes of any length and size

this machine can make these types

fin tube

Technical Data

finned tube ODɸ25 – 77mm
base tube diameterɸ11 – ɸ45mm
Fin thickness0.15 – 0.45mm
fin materialsAlu / Copper
Fin height size7-16mm
base tube materialsAluminum
Spiral pitch1.5-8mm
machine weight1.95T
Overall dimension 2*0.8*1.5m
motor power11kw
Power Supply380v / 50Hz

More details about the machine

Extrusion tube fin machine
Extrusion fin tube machine
Extrusion fin tube machine
Extrusion tube fin machine

tube fin machine video

Q & A

Q: Do you have a catalog?

A: Contact our engineer, and we will send the catalog and video

Q: Are there any other services?

A: We bought ship transportation insurance for the machine

Q: What is the packaging?

A: Our machines are packed in wooden cases

Q: What is the delivery time?

A: The delivery time is 45 days

Q: What material is the outer tube

A: The raw material of the outer tube of our machine can be aluminum or copper

Q: What is the weight of this machine

A: Our machine weighs about 1.95 tons