• sawtooth fin mold for Industrial cooling heat exchanger

sawtooth fin mold for Industrial cooling heat exchanger

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Place of production :china

Processing customization: Yes

Name: stamping die

Machine used: stamping machine

Process: CNC, slow wire

Delivery time: 45 days

Product Details

sawtooth fin mold outline

The sawtooth fin mold of the industrial cooler heat exchanger, which is a customized mold, mainly produces sawtooth type fins. The mold design is reasonable and the service life is long

 The serrated fin die is an essential industrial mold for the production of heat exchangers, It is mainly suitable for the continuous production of fin machines. Changing a mold can achieve the production of different types of fins to meet the needs of different customers

Compared to our competitors, our molds have 8 customized springs, and each mold has 6 guide pillars. Our molds produce fins with more stable quality and longer service life

The maximum height dimension of this mold is 12mm. By adjusting the machine, this mold can produce a height dimension of 0.5-12mm. This is currently the best solution in the industrial field, saving our customers a lot of money

Our scope of service

  • Forming mold
  • Drawing dies
  • Punching die
  • Cutting die
  • laminated evaporator Drawing die
  • Industry fin heat exchanger die
  • fin Serrated mold
  • fin sawtooth type
  • Louver
  • Wave 

Die application: it is used in cooling system parts, copper, aluminum, iron, and other materials
Mold features: small size, fast stamping speed, high positioning accuracy, low price;
Mold requirements: customized according to customer requirements;

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