what is down the hole drilling rig


what is down the hole drilling rig

down the hole drill rig is a complex machine, which is composed of a drill, crawler and engine. The drilling rig is used to explore mineral resources, bridge construction, house construction, tunnel construction, road construction, etc

It is a mechanical device that rotates the bit tool to drill underground and obtain physical geological data. Also called a drilling machine.

The main function is to drive the drilling tool to break the rock at the bottom of the hole and run or lift the drilling tool into the hole. It can be used to drill core, ore core, rock cuttings, gaseous samples, liquid samples, etc. to explore underground geology and mineral resources.

drilling machine price
drilling machine

There are seven types of drilling equipment:

  1. Conventional land drilling rig
  2. Desert drill
  3. Coiled pipe machine
  4. Inclined shaft drill
  5. Offshore drilling platform of down the hole drill rig
  6. Drilling vessel

down the hole drill rig component

1. A power system is the equipment that provides energy for the whole rig & down the hole drilling rig

2. Working system: equipment that works according to process requirements;

3. The transmission system is the equipment that transmits, transmits, and distributes energy for the working unit;

4. Control system, control all systems and equipment, coordinate and work accurately according to the process requirements;

5. Auxiliary system, equipment that assists the main system.

drill hole machine manufacture
drill hole machine manufacture

Routine maintenance

1. Wipe the outer surface of the drilling rig, and pay attention to the cleaning and excellent smoothness of the skid and vertical shaft of the drilling rig substructure.

2. Check whether all exposed bolts, nuts, secure pins, etc. are firm.

3. Fill with lubricating oil or grease as required.

4. Check the oil level of the transmission, transfer case, and hydraulic system oil tank.

5. Check the oil leakage everywhere and dispose of it according to the situation.