• special injection molding machine
  • special injection molding machine
  • special injection molding machine
  • special injection molding machine
  • special injection molding machine

special injection molding machine

Used Bakelite injection molding machine
Screw diameter mm 190
The length diameter ratio of screw is 23.2 L / d
Theoretical capacity: cm3 32580
Injection weight (PS) g 29648
Injection pressure MPa 167.1
The injection rate was 1856 g / s

Product Details

special injection molding machine

The special injection molding machine for plastic auto parts is developed for the popular injection products in the market, and has a unique mechanical structure design for the products.


This series of aircraft adopts professional brand, supplemented by precision hydraulic system and electrical system. Its product performance is stable, and its engineering operation is simple. It is widely used in aerospace, high-speed rail, automotive electronics, urban construction, people’s livelihood and other fields. Th super series special high-speed precision servo energy-saving injection molding machine is equipped with high-precision and high-sensitivity pressure feedback device, forming a closed-loop precision control, providing customers with good product stability.


Compared with the traditional hydraulic press, it has stronger injection stability, greatly improved the qualified rate of molding products, energy saving and environmental protection, fast response speed, effectively shorten the cycle and improve the production efficiency.


It has super large bulk modulus and mold opening forming, convenient and quick automatic mold adjustment function


Automobile parts such as bumper, door panel, instrument center console, etc. are automobile accessory products which are molded by injection molding machine at one time. Injection molded auto parts have been widely used by automobile manufacturers and supporting manufacturers. Different kinds of raw material particles can be used according to the use and quality requirements of the products, and the modified fiber materials can be appropriately added to increase the flexibility and surface gloss of automobile parts. The high-speed precision servo energy-saving injection molding machine has provided several injection molding machines suitable for the series of automobile bumpers and other auto parts for domestic well-known automobile manufacturers, which has been recognized by automobile manufacturers and tested by consumers and markets.


With the rapid development of the plastic industry and the continuous influx of new technologies and new plastic materials, the production and processing of plastic packaging, automobile accessories, various household appliances and even new environmental protection household appliances have entered a new era. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our Tongjia Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. to investigate the injection molding machine equipment of automobile parts, and wholeheartedly provide the whole plant equipment scheme for you!



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Q & A

Q: how long is the machine warranty

A: our machine is guaranteed for one year

Q: has your used plastic injection machine been redecorated?

A: our machines were repainted, vulnerable parts were replaced, the hydraulic system was cleaned, and the electrical control system was repaired,

Q: When will you have a machine?

A: our warehouse has about 200-300 used plastic injection machines every day,

Q: can I go to your warehouse at any time to check the used plastic injection machines?

A: Yes, we always welcome friends from all over the world to visit our warehouse

Q: will you provide transportation service when you buy your machine?

A: Yes, we will transport the used plastic registration machines to the port designated by our customers

Q:What is your packing?

A: we can provide any package according to customer’s request

Q:What plastic injection machines do you have in your warehouse

A: We have the following second-hand plastic injection machines

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  • Plastic extrusion machine
  • Single screw extruder machine
  • Twin screw extruder machinery
  • industrial machinery;
  • Direct extrusion machine
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