• second-hand Plastic extrusion machine

second-hand Plastic extrusion machine

Name: injection molding machine
Application: injection molding of plastic products
Screw diameter: 38 (mm)
Screw speed: 8-320 (RPM)
Injection amount: 143 (g)
Injection pressure: 140 (MPA)
Theoretical injection volume: 180 (cm3)
Motor power: 13 (kw)
Clamping force: 85 (KN)

Product Details

second-hand Plastic extrusion machine


Machine features


1. The design of vertical mold locking and horizontal injection mechanism is suitable for plastic products with long handle inserts

2. The mold locking mechanism adopts C-type frame and inorganic column design. The three sides of the worktable are open, and the inlays and finished products are easy to take and place.

3. Humanized worktable height design, comfortable operation, so as to improve the efficiency and safety of the operator.

4. With 7-inch display screen, various functions are displayed clearly and 66 groups of molding parameters are stored randomly.

5. Design of specific pressure and specific flow hydraulic circuit

6. The injection system adopts the design of double injection cylinder, double seat cylinder and double guide pillar, with stable movement and high injection precision

7. Feeding with five-star motor, can meet the different requirements of high torque or high speed.

8. Injection molding and mold locking are controlled by electronic ruler. The multi-stage pressure and speed can be adjusted according to the requirements of products. Ensure the accuracy of products

9. High precision P.I.D. temperature control, stable temperature control and small error

10. Strengthen the design of skateboard machine frame to ensure more accurate and stable sliding mode action. The mould is easy to install and disassemble, with high safety, which can greatly improve the output and work efficiency.

11. The first mock exam is two double dies, the other two are on the same plane. The work of one mold is done outside the workpiece. The safety of the work is high and the working efficiency is increased.


Injection system


There are mainly two forms of injection: piston type and reciprocating screw type. Now the piston type injection molding machine has been very rare, here will not introduce.

The reciprocating screw injection molding machine melts and mixes the solid plastic particles (or powders) into the cavity at the front end of the barrel through the rotation of the screw in the heating barrel, and then the screw moves forward along the axial direction to inject the plastic melt in the cavity into the mold cavity. During plasticization, the plastic is compacted in the screw groove driven by the screw edge, and bears the heat transfer from the cylinder wall. In addition, the plastic conflicts with the plastic, the plastic with the barrel and the screw surface generate heat, and the temperature gradually increases to the melting temperature. The melted plastic is further mixed by the screw box, and enters the front of the barrel along the screw groove and pushes the screw to retreat.

The injection part is mainly composed of screw, barrel, splitter shuttle, check ring, nozzle, flange, feeding hopper, etc. The role and influence of it in the plasticizing process are explained separately below.




Screw is an important part of injection molding machine. Its function is to transport, compact, melt, mix and pressure plastics. All of these are completed by the screw rotating in the barrel. When the screw rotates, the plastic will collide and move with each other on the inner wall of barrel, the bottom surface of screw groove, the pushing surface of screw edge, and between plastic and plastic. The push forward of the plastic is the result of this combination of movements, and the heat of the conflict is absorbed to improve the temperature of the plastic and melt it. The structure of screw will directly affect the degree of these effects. Ordinary injection screw structure, also in order to improve the quality of plastic planning into separate screw, barrier screw or split screw


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Mold locking system:


This series of injection molding machines with crankshaft structure are used for plastic injection products with precise electronic and high firing rate

The formwork and large column are designed by CAE analysis, with strong rigidity and minimum deformation

Adjustable low-pressure mold protection device, accurate and high protection sensitivity, can avoid foreign body damage to the mold

The mould fixing hole, thimble hole and mould positioning ring on the template are all made according to international standards (EUROMAP, JISSPI)

It adopts inclined plate optical positioning ruler, which has long service life and fast switch, and is not easy to be damaged

The stroke, demoulding force, jacking speed and ejection speed can be adjusted by hydraulic pressure ejector, and the demoulding times can also be preset

Triple safety protection device for electric hydraulic machinery

Automatic mold adjustment system can achieve high and low pressure automatic setting of mold closing

Four movable safety doors with large visual range and easy maintenance


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Q & A


Q: how long is the machine warranty

A: our machine is guaranteed for one year

Q: has your used plastic injection machine been redecorated?

A: our machines were repainted, vulnerable parts were replaced, the hydraulic system was cleaned, and the electrical control system was repaired,

A: When will you have a machine?

A: our warehouse has about 200-300 used plastic injection machines every day,

Q: can I go to your warehouse at any time to check the used plastic injection machines?

A: Yes, we always welcome friends from all over the world to visit our warehouse

Q: will you provide transportation service when you buy your machine?

A: Yes, we will transport the used plastic registration machines to the port designated by our customers

Q:What is your packing?

A: we can provide any package according to customer’s request

Q:What plastic injection machines do you have in your warehouse

A: We have the following second-hand plastic injection machines