• radiator tanks Plastic injection molding machine

radiator tanks Plastic injection molding machine

Used plastic injection machines
Injection pressure 150 (MPA)
Screw speed special 180 (RPM)
Weight is 1800 (kg)
Clamping force 1000 (KN)
Opening stroke 300 (mm)
Motor power 7.5 (kw)
Dimensions 900 * 800 * 2500 (mm)

Product Details

Used plastic injection molding machines

Our business scope:

1. Variable displacement pump injection molding machine

This series of machines adopt the proportional variable system with high response, so that the output power of the machine hydraulic system matches the energy of the machine running, greatly avoiding the energy loss of throttling and overflow, and reducing the heat output of the machine. Compared with the ordinary quantitative pump, it can save electricity by 30% ~ 60%. The economic benefit is very obvious, so that the majority of injection molding machine users have a broader choice space.

2. High speed injection molding machine

The accumulator assisted injection is adopted in this series of machines, which greatly improves the injection speed. The cycle speed of the machine is fast, the production efficiency is high, and the cost performance ratio is very high. It is especially suitable for the production of ultra-thin and complex products.

3. Servo electric injection molding machine

This series of models adopt high-performance servo power control system. The drive oil pump is the power source of the whole machine. It has the advantages of high response, energy saving, low noise, high control precision, etc. it has realized the perfect combination of electric servo and hydraulic drive technology.

4. Quantitative pump injection molding machine

The standard series model is positioned in the general plastic processing industry, using high-quality imported parts, good stability, long life, high cost performance, can produce most of the plastic products.

5. Mixed two color injection molding machine

This series of machines are mainly suitable for mixing injection products with different colors but the same kind of plastic raw materials. The color mixing effect of the products is relatively natural. It is mainly used in daily necessities and handicraft products.

6. PVC injection molding machine

According to the material characteristics of PVC and PVC, the special function of PVC produced on the basis of general products can meet the production requirements of customers.

7. Pet injection molding machine

According to the characteristics of pet molding process, the special pet machine has all the advantages of the standard model. Besides, mature improvements are made to ensure the excellent molding of pet products.

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Q & A

Q: how long is the machine warranty

A: our machine is guaranteed for one year

Q: has your used plastic injection machine been redecorated?

A: our machines were repainted, vulnerable parts were replaced, the hydraulic system was cleaned, and the electrical control system was repaired,

A: When will you have a machine?

A: our warehouse has about 200-300 used plastic injection machines every day,

Q: can I go to your warehouse at any time to check the used plastic injection machines?

A: Yes, we always welcome friends from all over the world to visit our warehouse

Q: will you provide transportation service when you buy your machine?

A: Yes, we will transport the used plastic registration machines to the port designated by our customers

Q:What is your packing?

A: we can provide any package according to customer’s request

Q:What plastic injection machines do you have in your warehouse

A: We have the following plastic injection machines

  • Plastic injection molding machine
  • Plastic extrusion machine
  • Single screw extruder machine
  • Twin screw extruder machinery
  • industrial machinery;
  • Direct extrusion machine
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  • Injection molding machine manufacturer
  • Two color injection molding machine
  • Electric injection molding machine
  • Bakelite injection molding machine
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