Process introduction of aluminum material for condenser

Aluminum composite plate refers to covering one layer of metal plate with another metal plate, so as to save resources and reduce costs without reducing the use effect (corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, etc.). There are usually explosive bonding, explosive rolling, rolling and so on. Composite materials can be divided into composite plate, composite pipe, composite rod and so on. It is mainly used in anticorrosion, pressure vessel manufacturing, power construction, petrochemical, medicine, light industry, automobile and other industries.

The process of explosive composite method is: the prepared composite plate is placed on the substrate, and then a layer of explosive is laid on the composite plate. The instantaneous ultra-high pressure and ultra-high speed impact produced by explosive explosion can realize the solid metallurgical bonding between metal layers.

The advantages of explosive composite method are as follows:

① The metal combination with extremely different material properties can be compounded;

② It can avoid the formation of brittle intermetallic compounds;

③ It has strong flexibility and can realize the composite of various special-shaped parts;

④ Composite materials have high bonding strength and are suitable for most plastic metals or alloys.

At present, 340 combinations of metals or alloys have been verified to be weldable, No matter the material is deformed or as cast, any plane and cylindrical surface of planned shape can be explosive welded in any heat treatment state. To some extent, explosive welding technology is a welding method for large area metal surface connection, even for aluminum (660 ℃) and tantalum (2996 ℃) with great difference in melting point, titanium and stainless steel with great difference in thermal expansion coefficient, and large difference in hardness Both (HB = 4 ~ 6) and steel (HB = 50) can be welded.

Application trend of aluminum clad plate

Metal composite material technology can give full play to the advantages of component materials, realize the allocation of each component material resources, save precious metal materials, and realize the performance requirements that single metal can not meet. It can not only replace the import and make up for the blank, but also has a wide range of applications. It has good economic and social benefits, and is easy to obtain support and help in all aspects. For example, the development of stainless steel composite materials has been a high-tech project actively supported and advocated by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of science and technology.

Aluminum composite plate manufacturers: due to the functional performance, low cost and wide application range of heterogeneous metal composite materials, the development potential of traditional metal composite materials has been improved. With the strengthening of the implementation of national environmental protection industry policy, the application of rare metal composite materials in power flue gas desulfurization equipment continues to grow. At the same time, the degree of localization of investment in chemical industry is greatly accelerated, which also provides a good development opportunity for the development of rare metal materials.