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mobile air compressor characteristic

The mobile air compressor factory is designed with a large-diameter rotor. It is directly connected to the diesel engine through a high elastic coupling. There is no speed increase gear in the middle. It has high working efficiency and better reliability

We choose famous brand diesel engines, which meet European carbon dioxide emission standards, have strong power and low fuel consumption.

The gas volume control system is simple and reliable. According to the size of gas consumption, the intake volume is automatically adjusted by 0~100%. and the diesel engine throttle is automatically adjusted at the same time

Microcomputer intelligent monitoring air compressor exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature,

diesel engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature, oil tank level, and other operating parameters, with automatic alarm and shutdown protection functions.

Multi-stage air filter, suitable for the dusty working environment; Multi-stage fuel filter,

super large oil-water cooler, suitable for high temperature and plateau working environment.

The spacious maintenance door and the parts to be maintained are within the reach. It is convenient and easy to maintain the air filter, oil filter, fuel tank, battery, and oil cooler, which reduces downtime.

It is easy to move, and can still move flexibly under harsh terrain conditions. Each compressor is equipped with lifting rings for safe and convenient lifting and transportation.

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8 kinds of fault handling for mobile air compressor

The air compressor cannot be started

First check for control voltage. If not, check whether the fuse is intact; If there is control voltage, check whether the control relay and time relay operate normally.

The air compressor does not start smoothly

The mobile air compressor will stop automatically after a few seconds of starting, such as whether the automatic air switch jumps, whether the voltage is normal, whether the closing degree of the inlet butterfly valve is normal (the compressor cannot be started with load), and whether the contactor and motor three-phase are normal during Y-△ start.

mobile air compressor factory

The air compressor does not supply air

Check whether the control oil cylinder acts. If it acts, check whether the butterfly valve has mechanical failure; If there is no fault, check whether the loaded electromagnetic ISV coil has suction; After eliminating the mechanical fault and coil fault of the ISV solenoid valve, check the sub-circuit of the ISV solenoid valve one by one.

The exhaust pressure of the air compressor is too low

First, check whether the pressure before and after separation, manual valve, and regulating solenoid valve 2SV are leaking; Then check whether there is leakage in the gas pipeline, whether the butterfly valve is fully opened, whether the air inlet regulator works normally, whether the solenoid valves 3SV and 8SV leak, and whether the pressure switch IPS needs to be readjusted.

The air compressor stops due to an oil injection

First, check whether the oil shutoff solenoid valve 5SV has voltage and whether the mechanical part is normal; If it is normal, check the check valve and reassemble or replace it.

The exhaust temperature of the air compressor is too high

The exhaust temperature is generally 80~95 ℃. If there is not enough lubricating oil to cool, the temperature will be too high and cause failure. First, check whether the ambient temperature, mobile air compressor lubricating oil, oil level, oil quality, cold fan, etc. are normal;

Then check whether the oil cooler and aftercooler are clean and whether the temperature control valve element, oil cut-off solenoid valve voltage, and valve body are normal. If the diaphragm is damaged or the temperature control valve core does not work, replace it; Then check whether the oil filter is dirty or needs to be replaced.

High oil consumption of air compressor

Check whether the oil content of condensate discharged from the drain valve is too large, whether the oil level of the compressor is too high, whether the opening pressure of the small pressure valve is normal, whether the return pipe is blocked, and whether the oil separation core is blocked. All the above problems will affect fuel consumption and should be dealt with in a timely manner.

Automatic shutdown of air compressor during operation

First of all, check whether the machine automatically stops normally; Then check whether the automatic switch and thermal relay act, whether the cooling fan motor stops or the exhaust temperature is too high or the pressure is too high and whether the motor voltage is normal.

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