mining screw air compressor Features and Purposes


mining Screw air compressor Overview

The mining screw air compressor adopts an energy-saving and high-efficiency engine, which has the advantages of advanced structure, high precision,

stable operation, low noise, long service life, low maintenance cost, low fuel consumption, and high efficiency. The gas volume control system is stable and reliable, with 0-100 load adjustment. It can automatically adjust the power consumption according to the actual gas volume.

The mining screw air compressor has the functions of explosion protection, overload, short circuit, phase failure, leakage protection, etc;

It also has protection devices such as overtemperature. air filter blockage, oil filter blockage, oil core blockage alarm, and overtemperature shutdown,

mining screw air compressor

as well as triple protection of capacity regulation, pressure control valve, and safety valve to prevent overpressure operation.

mining screw air compressor

The mine explosion-proof screw air compressor can operate safely near the underground driving face and move forward with the tunnel extension.

so it can maintain high air pressure.

improve the efficiency of pneumatic machinery by 30% to twice as much as that of ground air supply,

reduce power consumption by 30%, and save a lot of pipes. The compressor is also suitable for engineering roadway construction.

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mining screw air compressor Repair and maintenance

Generally speaking, the screw air compressor oil will change color after being used, and will “turn black” after being oxidized.

If the lubricating oil released from the bottom of the exhaust barrel is found to be “black” during the maintenance of the machine.

In addition to the normal inspection of the air compressor itself. we also need to inspect the lubricating oil of the air compressor,

because the blackening factors of the lubricating oil of the screw air compressor include: the additive meeting the heat,

the carbon deposit generated by cleaning out the original or the operation, the excessive dispersant, the carbon deposit, the deterioration, the mixing of impurities, and the excessive wear of the machine.

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Precautions for repair and maintenance

1.Check the application of oil in the screw air compressor from time to time, and perform maintenance and replacement work regularly.

2. Clean the air-cooled cooler regularly to ensure the cooling effect of the cooler.

3. Ensure that the added air compressor oil is used together, and strictly prevent the mixing of the two kinds of oil, which will cause the oil coking and block the main engine.

4. Regularly clean up the dust particles of the air filter element, and do a good job of maintenance, and replacement according to the working conditions, so that the air filter element can effectively filter out the dust and impurities in the air.

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