Analysis on the development of China’s robot industry under industry 4.0 mode

The density of robots in China is obviously lower than that of developed countries such as Germany and Japan. There is a huge gap in the demand and supply of Chinese robot market. The market space in the future is huge, which will provide strong impetus for China to concentrate resources and develop domestic robot industry. It is estimated that in 2018, the sales of industrial robots in China will exceed 150000, and the number of robots in China will surpass Japan and become the first in the world.

China’s robot market has developed rapidly. Industry insiders pointed out that, driven by the wave of “machine replacement”, China has become the largest industrial robot market in the world for two consecutive years. The statistics of the report on the innovation and investment opportunities of business model in Internet industry robot industry of China Research Institute show that by the end of December 2015, the number of domestic robot enterprises has reached 1026. Among them, Guangdong Province has the largest number of robot manufacturers, reaching 285, followed by 156 in Zhejiang Province, ranking second.

1、 Robot industry has been rising to the national strategic level

Developed countries such as the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea have attached great importance to the development of robot industry for a long time, and have launched national strategic plans for the development of robot industry. China is currently in the decisive stage of building an innovative country, and it must rely more on scientific and technological innovation to lead and support economic development. Therefore, it is imperative to develop the robot industry of national brand in China with the innovation of science and technology as the core. In June 2014, Xi Jinping pointed out that robots are the “Pearl of the crown of manufacturing industry” at the China Academy of Sciences and China Academy of engineering. The “Robot Revolution” is affecting the global manufacturing industry pattern, which undoubtedly pushes the development of robot industry to the national strategic level.

2、 New manufacturing mode under industry 4.0

The theme of industry 4.0 is intelligent manufacturing and intelligent factory. The core of the project is to build information physical system. Through Internet of things and Internet, data and information exchange and interaction between things and things, machines and machines, machines and people are realized. That is, equipment, production lines, products, factories, suppliers and customers are closely connected together to establish intelligent factories to realize intelligent production. Germany proposed that “industry 4.0” and “industrial Internet” introduced by the United States are the expression of the integration of “industrialization and information”. In the future society, countless machines, factories and people are connected with a large network, through big data technology analysis, to reduce the loss of manufacturing links. “Industry 4.0” will promote the global intelligent manufacturing upgrading wave and realize the transformation of manufacturing mode in many industries.

3、 China made 2025 “blueprint for becoming an industrial power

Premier Li Keqiang clearly proposed in the government work report that “made in China 2025” should be implemented, adhere to innovation driven, intelligent transformation, strengthen the basis and green development, and accelerate the transition from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing power. The core of the planning is to promote the deep integration of industrialization and information technology, develop and utilize network, digital and intelligent technologies, and strive to seize the lead in some key areas and make breakthroughs in order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. The plan first proposed to formulate an “Internet” action plan, and the concept of “industrial Internet” appeared for the first time, which promoted the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things and modern manufacturing. The breakthrough point of planning is to seize the commanding point of the new round of industrial revolution by intelligent manufacturing.

4、 The development potential of Chinese robot industry is huge

With the structural shortage of labor force and the sharp rise of labor cost, the labor dividend era in China is about to end, and the urgent need for industrial transformation and upgrading is facing, which makes the domestic robot industry usher in a great development spring. After China became the largest robot market in the world in 2013, the sales volume of robots in 2014 was also high, and the number of industrial robots in 2017 is expected to reach the first in the world.