• engine driven air compressor | air compressor engineering

engine driven air compressor | air compressor engineering

No.: CH - 75G

Volume flow: 13 m3/min

Exhaust pressure: 0.8mpa

Shaft power: ≤ 80kw

Lubrication mode: automatic

Lubricating oil consumption: ≤ 40mg/m3

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Overview of engine driven air compressor

the engine driven air compressor equipment and air compressor engineering, It is widely used in mining, highway, energy, military, urban construction, railway, water conservancy, shipbuilding, and other industries.

Engineering air compressor
Engineering air compressor factory

Characteristics of engine driven air compressor

1 A highly elastic coupling connects the diesel engine directly to the engine-driven air compressor. The middle doesn’t have a gear that increases speed. The main engine’s speed is the same as a diesel engine’s, but it has better efficiency, greater dependability, and a longer lifespan.

2 Diesel engine: Cummins, Yuchai, and other well-known manufacturers’ diesel engines are chosen because they adhere to environmental emission standards, have powerful motors and use less fuel.

3 The simple and dependable air volume management method. The air intake volume is automatically regulated by 0–100% depending on the size of the mine’s air consumption. The diesel engine’s throttle is automatically altered at the same time to significantly reduce diesel oil consumption.

4 Air compressor exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature, diesel engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature, oil tank level, and other operating parameters are intelligently monitored by a microcomputer with facilities for automated alarm and shutdown protection.

construction air compressor
construction air compressor

5 A multi-stage air filter that is appropriate for a dusty workplace; multistage fuel filter, ideal for the state of the home oil supply; Extra-large oil-water cooler, appropriate for plateau environments and high temperatures.

6 The easily accessible repair parts are made possible by the large maintenance door. The gasoline tank, battery, oil cooler, air filter, and oil filter are convenient and simple to maintain, minimizing downtime.

7 It is easy to move, and it can still travel freely in difficult terrain. Lifting rings are included with each compressor for secure lifting and transport.

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Why choose our engine-driven air compressor machine

~ very affordable pricing, We are a well-known Chinese manufacturer of engine-driven air compressors, and we don’t have an agent.

~ procurement of air compressor engineering at one time, Our equipment is frequently used in Mining, highway tunnel construction,

house construction, water conservancy engineering, bridge construction, railway maintenance and construction, and other fields

~ service after purchase without fear, Our engineers have more than 16 years of industry experience, and our machine has a 12-month warranty. We will free of charge repair and replace any components broken for quality reasons throughout the guarantee period.

~ prompt delivery, Every day, numerous air compressors are supplied to our facility. In the absence of a unique personalized packaging bag, we may offer it whenever you need it.