Crawler down the hole drilling machine


Safe working rules of down the hole drilling

1. Workers shall receive special training in down the hole drilling, pass the examination, and work with certificates.

2. Workers must grasp the operation essentials, maintenance, and troubleshooting knowledge of various drilling rigs.

3. Workers should grasp the sealing and construction methods of various boreholes such as gas drainage, coal seam water injection, grouting, and outburst prevention.

4. Prepare, inspect and bring enough tools and materials required for this work according to the work arrangement before running into the well.

down the hole drilling

Transport down the hole drilling

5. Pay attention to the following issues when shipping the drilling rig:

  • Before shipping the down-the-hole drill, check that all parts of the drill are complete, the motor must be explosion-proof, the voltage should be consistent with the power supply, the cable should be free of rain leakage, and the drill pipe and tools should are free of damage;
  • After the down-the-hole drilling rig is loaded, it should be bound firmly. When transporting in the drift, the two vehicles should be separated at a certain distance. When turning, it should send a signal. When transporting in the inclined lane, it should obey the command of the staff in the upper and lower yard;
  • When transporting parts that are not allowed to enter the dirt, they should be sealed.
drill hole machine
drill hole machine

install down the hole drilling machine

6. Preparations before rig installation are as follows:

  • Before the installation of the drilling rig, the roadway support and ventilation shall be checked first, and the problems found shall be handled in time. When repairing and strengthening the drilling site, clean up the dirt and sundries, dig the clean water pool and dredge the ditch;
  • A local fan or a guide tube must be installed in the windless place. The wind must not be stopped during drilling, and a reliable wind power locking device must be provided;
  • The water pressure, machine parts, power switch, etc. shall be in good condition and meet the requirements.

7. Pay attention to the following issues when installing the drilling rig:

  • The area of the drilling site must be larger than the drilling rig base, and there should be enough safety clearance around it. When installing the drilling rig in the transportation roadway, it should be ensured that it will not affect transportation;
  • The drilling site shall be flat, the floor beam shall be smoothly laid into the four corners of the floor, the columns and inclined columns shall be installed, and the drilling rig shall be aligned according to the waistline;
  • After the fuselage is placed stably, the bottom fastening screws shall be tightened, and the protective fence and protective fence shall be installed on the rotating parts of the machinery.
drilling machine manufacturer
drilling machine manufacturer

operation down-the-hole drill

8. Preparations before operating the down the hole drill:

  • The down the hole drill shall be installed firmly, the oil level in the gearbox and oil tank shall be appropriate, and the safety protection cover and dust cover must be complete;
  • The handle of each part shall be in the correct position;
  • When commissioning the drilling rig, it is required that all rotating parts operate normally, the switch start is flexible and reliable, and the drilling rig operates without load for 10 minutes. After confirming that there is no problem, connect the drill pipe and drill bit, connect the water source, and start drilling under the driver’s control.

9. Drilling shall be carried out in strict accordance with the hole position demarcated by the measuring staff and the orientation, angle, and hole depth specified in the construction measures, and shall not be changed without the consent of the measuring staff.