down hole drilling equipment accident analysis


down hole drilling equipment

The common accident type in the process of down hole drilling equipment construction is a hidden underground project, which has a lot of fuzziness, randomness, and uncertainty, and is a risky operation.

Human accident

The so-called human accident refers to the main reason for the accident being that the relevant personnel did not strictly follow the operating procedures of the good down hole drilling equipment and did not implement specific technical measures;

Or lack of careful observation and understanding of the situation in the well,

and failure to detect and deal with it in time after the occurrence of accident signs,

Or the selected drilling method and technical parameters are improper and the operation is unskilled,

Such accidents as the breaking of the down hole drilling equipment tool,

burning of the drill, burying drill with rock powder, steel particle clamping drill, falling of drilling tool, falling of rock core, running of the drill, falling of tools, etc.

down hole drilling equipment

Natural accident

The so-called natural accident refers to all kinds of accidents in the well caused by the failure of the drilling rig to fully and effectively control during the construction due to the complex geological conditions.

The change of geological conditions has certain regularity, which requires a gradual understanding and mastery process. When the local situation is complex and the measures taken cannot work, accident is inevitable.

For example, water inrush, water leakage, block falling, hole collapse, and other accidents caused by large dip angle of rock stratum,

development of joints and karst fissures, and large thickness of quicksand, gravel layer, and other seriously broken strata are mostly natural accidents.

drilling machine manufacturer
drilling machine manufacturer

Accident difference in hole drilling equipment

Human accidents and natural accidents are both different and related. Most drilling accidents are related to human subjective factors. When the situation at the local level is complex, human accidents caused by improper operation often become more complex and difficult to deal with.

On the contrary, if a good drilling rig operates in strict accordance with the regulations,

has a certain prediction of the formation change, and develops corresponding plans,

and actively takes preventive measures, it can reduce or avoid accidents in the well.

Therefore, in order to avoid engineering accidents in the construction of drilling rigs,

the subjective initiative of relevant technical personnel and well drilling rig operators plays a leading role.