Diesel screw air compressor price and service life

The Diesel screw air compressor price is determined by brand and capacity, Generally, the price difference between famous air compressor brands and ordinary brands is very large,

The price difference is also great due to different capacity, such as large air compressor and small air compressor

How many years is the service life of Diesel screw air compressor?

The higher the price of the air compressor, the higher the quality of the air compressor purchased. Many companies hope that the longer the air compressor is used, the better.

However, the same brand and model of air compressor are used by different people, and the working life of Diesel screw air compressor is different

Some can be used for 8 to 10 years without any failure, but some have only been used for one or two years and have major maintenance problems. Those with serious failures can’t be used anymore. What factors cause this situation?

Infrastructure air compressor
Infrastructure air compressor

The first factor:

Environmental factors, different regions, and large temperature differences have a certain impact on the service life of the air compressor.

The other is the surrounding environment when the screw air compressor is used, such as the environment with large dust,

which also has an impact on the service life of the air compressor.

The Second factor:

If the maintenance is carried out on time, if an air compressor is maintained according to the regulations, its service life will be longer than that of the air compressor without maintenance.

The third factor:

The rotating speed of the Diesel screw air compressor has an inevitable relationship with the maintenance cycle of the main machine.

When the rotating speed of the screw head is high. the wear of the bearing will directly affect the service life of the bearing. The too-high rotating speed of the air compressor will easily cause the locking of the screw head.

mobile air compressors
mobile air compressors

The fourth factor:

The strength of the selected manufacturer. The strength of screw air compressor manufacturers is different, and the air compressor produced must be different. The strength of the manufacturers is directly proportional to the service life of the screw air compressor.

The strength of the manufacturers endows the Diesel screw air compressor with higher technical content, so the problem of fault maintenance rarely occurs.

The fifth factor:

Raw materials for production. The core component of a screw air compressor is a screw rotor, and the service life of a screw rotor determines the service life of the air compressor

The imported products can often be used for about 15 years, while the domestic machines can only be used for about 5 years,

which is why the price of imported Diesel screw air compressor is higher than that of domestic air compressors.