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The bag packaging machine is equipped with bags made by bag makers on the equipment. Generally, the three sides and the back of the bag are sealed. The price of this machine is very cost-effective

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packaging machine advantages

1. Beautiful packaging

The bag packaging machines uses prefabricated bags for packaging. The packaged products have a beautiful appearance and bright colors, which are conducive to product sales.

2. Good vacuum effect

The bag vacuum packaging machine uses prefabricated bag packaging, and the vacuum effect of packaged products can reach 70%,
And it is not easy to inflate and leak the package as the stretch film and the vertical vacuum machine.

3. Simple operation

The bag vacuum packaging machine adopts a human-machine-controlled interface. Each machine is equipped with a touch screen. After setting the packaging parameters, the one-button operation is simple and convenient, which is conducive to the control of production personnel.

4. Equipped with a safety alarm device

In case of abnormal air pressure or other abnormal conditions in the production process, it will automatically alarm and prompt the production personnel to stop for inspection and treatment.

5. Automatic detection function

Powerful automatic bag inspection function. When the equipment grabs the prefabricated packaging bag, the machine will stop feeding and heat sealing the empty bag or unqualified bag, and the bag can be reused to reduce the loss of packaging materials.

automatic bag packing machine factory
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6. Fully automated production, high efficiency

All bag packaging machines are controlled by electromechanical integration. Automatic bag feeding, automatic metering, blanking, heat sealing, and vacuum output are all completed in one production line, It saves labor costs and improves the production efficiency of enterprises.

7. Flexible and convenient operation

A feeding bag packaging machine can pack products of different sizes and sizes. Through the control of the motor, the width of the bag can be adjusted to the appropriate size.

8. Wide range of packable products

Products of various shapes and specifications can be packaged, such as liquid, paste, paste, solid, powder, granule, and strip, and can adapt to packaging bags of various materials,
Such as composite film, silicon dioxide, aluminum foil, single-layer PE, PP, etc.

9. Accurate measurement

The bag vacuum packaging machine is equipped with automatic metering equipment,
There are different measuring equipment for different materials, and the measurement accuracy error is not more than 1 gram,
Achieve fully automatic production and improve enterprise production efficiency.

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