• bag packing machine factory in China

bag packing machine factory in China

Catalog: Packing machine

Measuring range: 10-2000g

Packing speed: 20-70 bags/min

weight: 1500kg

power: 3.7KW

Power Supply: 380V 3-phase 50Hz

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bag packing machine Usage

We are the top automatic bag packing machine factory in China, and our machines are exported to more than 100 countries in the world

This series of packing machine are widely used, such as grain, powder, soup, sauce, etc, Metal small parts, and plastic small products, It also has a very wide range of applications

The machine mainly uses a PLC control system and touch screen human-computer interaction to calculate the weight of each package automatically. The weight error of each package is about 1%, and about 25-60 packages of products are produced per minute

Classification of plastic bags

bag packing machine Working principle

Automatic feeding: This device already has the function of automatic feeding, and workers only need to load the items into the machine hopper

Weighing and measuring: This equipment is already equipped with a fully automatic measuring device, which can continuously weigh with high precision. The weight error of each packaging is approximately 1 gram

Give the bag: The feeding device of this device is flexible and adjustable, and it has the ability to adapt to various packaging bag sizes and shapes

filling: In the whole filling process, the measured items are put into bags. There are many types of filling methods. We choose the best solution according to the particularity of the items

seal: Sealing is one of the most important processes in the entire packaging process, and this bag packing machine can choose from various types of processes, such as thermal sealing, ultrasonic sealing, etc

Sign: Markings are designed to better trace the production information of products, such as production date, product code, and other information

automatic bag packing machine technical data

machine namebag packing machine
Equipment materialSS 304
Measurement accuracy±1%
Packing speed30-70 bags/min
Measuring range9-1800g
total power3.7 KW
Power Supply380V 3-phase
50Hz / 60Hz
bag sizeW:90-205mm
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Why choose us

1. We are from the bag packing machine manufacturing factory at the top of China. Our machine price is very cost-effective, and no intermediate traders make profits

2. We have a very professional team of mechanical engineers. We accept professional customized services for various types of packaging machines,
Provide unlimited help for your high-speed production

3. We have 15 years of working experience in the field of packaging machines. We know that every detail of the machine and any mechanical failure problem can be solved perfectly through our online guidance

4. Our professional team can provide door-to-door machine transportation services, ship transportation, air transportation, etc. You can easily and happily get the machine in your factory

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Q & A

Q: How long will it take for your machine to arrive?

A: Our machines are in stock. If they are customized, Our turnaround time for bespoke orders is 40-45 working days.

Q: What packaging is your machine?

A: Our machine is packed in wooden cases.

Q: How to get the catalog of your Liquid packing machine?

A: To get the machine catalog, please click the contact page and provide our engineers with your email address.

Q: What is the material of your machine

A: Our machine is made of food-grade stainless steel 304

Q: What are your customized items

A: We accept all customized items of packaging machines, such as packaging size, product type, machine material, etc