radiator clinch machine

Automatic radiator clinch machine 1、clinch machine Equipment usage This radiator clinch machine is mainly used for aluminum radiator assembly. The main plate on the radiator core body, the sealing gasket and the plastic water chamber are combin...



Aluminum tube testing machine

Aluminum tube testing machine 1.  Aluminum tube testing machine purpose It is used for high frequency welding cladding aluminum alloy tube pressure burst test. The aluminum tube tester is a multi-purpose type. On the basis of a set of pressure t...



Provide machine and technical support for India radiator factory

Provide machine and technical support for India famous radiator factory in July 2019 We provide brazing furnace, core builder, head plate mould, radiator tank crimping machine, fin machine for this factory Our engineers worked in this factor...



Heat exchanger Vertical expander

The Heat exchanger Vertical expander machine adopts vertical layout, and the equipment is composed of base, guide post, oil cylinder, hydraulic station, workpiece clamping device, electric control box, etc. Vertical tube expander is a kind of s...



harmonica tube straightening and cutting machine

Main introduction This machine mainly straightens the harmonica tube of intercooler,It has 2 workstations that can work at the same time,It is mainly driven by servo motor. It works quietly and saves electricity,We can customize the professi...



Nitrogen make machine

technical parameter name:Nitrogen make machine Model: CH-20 Nitrogen production: 1.5 m3 / h (customized) Nitrogen purity: 99.5-99.9 (customized) Nitrogen output pressure: < 0.8MPa Air input pressure: < 0.8...



Installation of radiator production line

In April 2018, our company installed of radiator production line for supernova coolling system factory in India We provide the following radiator production line machines for this company 1,radiator leak testing machines    ...



home VC condenser production line

What machines are needed for home VC condenser production line 1,fin punching machine technical parameter Total power :8.5 kw Quantity required :1 set Nominal force:45T Machine Model Name:CH-45T Electricity Consumption/Hour...



flaring machine For mechanical radiator

1、 flaring machine Purpose of equipment: All aluminum water tank and expansion machine for warm air are all aluminum water tank and warm air production line. The side plate, sealing rubber plate and end plate are connected together in the produc...



radiator expand machine

Horizontal radiator tube expanding machine Structure: horizontal heat exchanger tube expander adopts vertical layout, manual loading and unloading, one-time clamping can complete tube expansion, flaring, flanging process   The length...



How does vacuum brazing work

Vacuum brazing furnace is a large Bai type heat treatment equipment, which can carry out vacuum brazing, vacuum annealing, vacuum aging and other processing. Several different programs can be programmed to control and program hundreds of heat t...



Diesel engine radiator

3 maintenance methods for radiator of diesel generator set   1: Ensure that there is no air in the radiator. The radiator should not be in the condition of partial water discharge, because it will accelerate the corrosion. For the gener...